The local pizza is composed of original Italian ingredients, ranging from mozzarella cheese and tomatoes to flour and olive oil.

Tel.: 574 492 303
restauracja [at] lanticoforno.pl

This restaurant belongs to a well known chain offering a wide selection of pizza. The pizza is served in four sizes, from small /for 1 person/ to large ones /for max.


A humble pizza place In a quiet corner of the Old Town, where you can enjoy not only Italian food, but also Polish soups and zapiekanki.

Tel.: 56 612 62 22
biuro [at] sopranotorun.pl

Osteria di Bitondo to restauracja, która jest najbardziej znana jako trzeci już toruński lokal po transformacji w "Kuchennych Rewolucjach" Magdy Gessler.

Tel.: 783 156 155