A colorfully lit club that combines the element of dance and the relaxing atmosphere of the pub's play.

Tel.: 600 011 080
Two worlds

‘Dwa Światy’ Club has two rooms and two bars with completely different climate. It is a frequent place of local and non-local concerts of alternative music performers.

Tel.: 508 793 495
program2swiaty [at]

Pub znajdujący się jak sama nazwa wskazuje – na końcu świata.

Tel.: 577 878 660
monia32lonia [at]

'Pamela' is carefully camouflaged behind a wooden fence, an inconspicuous one-story building serving beer.

"Szwejk" is a popular place on the party map of Toruń. The restaurant occupies the stylish basement of the Department Store at the Old Town Square.

Tel.: 600 454 600